When is a good time to travel with the kids?

Maybe instead of asking when is a good time to travel with the kids? A better question could be, when isn’t a good time? Our lives don’t stop because we have kids. Yes there is the budget and the family home and the new car and the new couch and the new hair do and the new eye lashes we all need right? So, the question is can you take any of this with you when you leave this heavenly big bright bauble? I can hesitate a guess your answer would be a big fat ba bow…nup.

So my sweet cherry lips, there is not a better or worse time to travel, its all in the planning and what you allocate in your budget. What you’re willing to give up in order to live in the moment? Only time we have is really is now (no its not a cliche’ its really real, its fact). We can plan, plan, plan away for our future and it may never come. Really, like, do you know when your expiry date is? If you do, I’d love to know.

And yes, yes I know what your thinking in your head, or out load. Yeah, but she’s only got one kid. Ok, so you got me there by the short and curlies. Yes, indeed I do have one kid (fact)and it is more affordable of course. So, you get better at planning, budgeting and compromising in order to make things fit.Lets delve a little deeper here.

Get The Kids Involved

How Do I Travel With Kids?

Credit card insurance (short trips less than 3 months)Holiday parks in Europe and USA. Australia, New ZealandHome sitsMotorhomesAir bnb’sCar hire or car lease (cheaper still if staying for longer than 8 weeks)One country at a timeBook your flights yourself online (so much cheaper cuts out the middle man)Book your trip yourself with your family – set aside a night per week to check out cool places to visit online with your kids. Get them involved. Give them a project to find the coolest holiday parks with best water slides, beaches.

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