Motorhome Storage in Europe and UK – Long Term parking options for vans and vehicles

Motorhome storage in Europe and UK. You would think is easy to come by right? Well we thought it would be but turns out its not as easy to find storage in as we had thought. Cities storage options are costly and very expensive for intrepid traveller’s touring Europe. Touring Europe in campervan or motorhome is totally wild, we love it and love the freedom it gives us as a family.

The pro’s and con’s to owning a larger vehicle such as a motorhome, campervan or caravan when travelling. If you want to know how to buy a van when travelling to Europe if you are not a citizen then check out our post How to travel Europe in a Campervan



Lets start with the pro’s:

  • Its a virtual home on wheels
  • You can store your clothes and belongings without having to lug them around everywhere.
  • Affordability – much cheaper to travel long term in a van than staying in air bnb’s and hotels, youth hostels, bnb’s, holiday resorts.
  • You can choose to Wild camp through most European countries  and the UK. Alternatively, if you prefer security of caravan parks and resorts then pitches in off peak are more affordable.
  • Stability of having a permanent home on the road, instead of staying from air bnb’s, hotels, rental homes, or  Youth hostels.
  • Depending on the size of your van it can sleep up to 6 people. This saves huge costs when it comes to accommodation.
  • You have accommodation as well as transport, so you save on care/ motorhome hire, as well as accommodation costs.

Now the Con’s:

If you don’t have a scooter, or bikes, motorbike or small touring car it is more challenging to get around. Because parking in cities parking is limited. And, in London, its virtually impossible to find a park unless you park right out of the city. And they all are generally for permit holders only.

City Parking versus outta town

In the big cities you need to be prepared to park and pay and stay further out of central London. Trying to drive into small European cities with a motorhome/campervan is a no go. Its a nightmare! You have been warned. There is a great app called Just Park,  for UK/ London, this gives you virtually 1000’s of car park options in the city where you can park out front of someone’s home, flat for a fee. Sometimes you can find a space thats big enough for your van. Make sure if you are in a van that you check if the park is big enough for your motorhome or campervan. And read the previous reviews.

Park 4 Night

Finding parking in smaller towns and villages is not as challenging. We use the app Park 4 night . It’s a great source and allows you to find free and cheaper parks. These range from caravan parks, to farm fields, pub car parks and council car parks. Here you can park overnight as well as during the day.


Another thing to consider is safety and security. Van life is amazing but as you are travelling with all your personal belongings you need to consider that you maybe a target for theft. Take all your personal belongings with you if you feel that you are not in a safe/secure. Make sure your van is as theft proof as possible. Adding wheel clamps, immobilser, Wheel locks, alarm system etc. If you want a full list of recommendations for safe proofing your van then check out our blog here

Storage and Long Term Parking for Motorhomes and Campervans in Europe

Because Big cities charge a premium for long term storage and space is again limited for large motorhomes. Motorhome home storage in Europe and Uk is challenging to find. Thats why Im writing this blog. Our van is 7.3 metres so it can be a challenge to find space to park the beast. Luckily there are a few options we found in UK that may help those of you travelling in Europe.

So you can drop and leave your van if you want a break from van life to get to other destinations quickly that are further afield. Like flying to Cyprus, or Iceland etc. And having some big space time once in awhile. Having some  We recommend a few options like Trusted House Sitters You can also get a generous 25% off your membership by adding this coupon code RAF237366. We also recommend HomeAway, they offer some amazing home rentals worldwide 

Motorhome storage in Europe, Uk and London London Central

We found Buzz Parking  (also called Reed’s parking) near Heathrow to be a fantastic option for us. They facilitate long term parking for cars, vans, campervans and motorhomes for a reasonable price. They will also shuttle you to Heathrow from the car park inclusive of the price and offer a free pick up service on your return to the car park! We paid 65 GBP for 11 days long term parking. Although it is expensive, its the cheapest option we could find near London. They also have great reviews. You can find them here on google maps

We also join Caravan and Motorhome Touring Club, we didnt realise that they also specialise in storage options around the UK. Prices are very reasonable. If you are a club member even better. Check these site out here. Caravan Club and Motorhome Club Storage Options

Another option is Motorhome planet UK

Long term parking and storage Central London and Greater London

There is a great app/website called parklet – long term parking and storage Which gives 1000’s of potential garage sites options for long term parking for those that need van storage.

Motorhome storage in Europe and UK

After much searching and pulling out my hair as there seems to be very little information on long term storage.  Then I came across this amazing website! Listing motorhome storage in Europe and Uk as well as links for any type of vehicles even boats. This website is a gem and lifesaver. It has literally 1000’s of sites listed throughout Europe. You can check dates and locations for long term secure parking, near airports, further out, various locations near major cities.

Park Via website

Not all have facilities for campervan and motorhome storage. But, searching for the dates will let you scour through the various pop ups that are listed and available. From there you can check if they store bigger vehicles when you click in details section. Its amazing! Reviews are also featured. Websites and contact numbers. You can also send for a quote and availability. Click here for all the details  – PARK VIA

Where to now?

Knowing that your van is secure and safely locked away the world is your oyster right? You have a plethora of options on hand. Book a tour, or a cruise, a secret hideaway, adventure travel, a lazy week by the pool somewhere exotic? No matter what you plan you will need some help to plan your getaway (without your van).

How to get there

We love to use Omio and HomeAway. Insight Travel and Trusted House Sitters (if you are on a budget but this needs some forward planning). When we book our travels in Europe and beyond.

Hope this blog has given you some juice to work with.  And, that you find the right storage place for you and your van whilst you are away from your home on wheels. Bon Voyage. Happy travels. Please don’t forget to share this post on Facebook or Insta if you like it or send an email if you have any questions or feedback. Sharing is caring. Its good to share the juice !


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