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Nov 8, 2018

Travelling can be tiring, frustrating and pretty ordinary sometimes. Long days on planes, trains, automobiles can test anyone’s patience. Finding time in your day to nuture yourself is pretty challenging when on the road. So its important especially with family to plan for down days, time out and well-being. If we’re tired and testy, stressed and agitated we are more likely to pick up travel bugs. Avoiding illness when travelling is pretty much something we all should be aiming for right.

Here are some of my top travel tips for travelling well.  

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Nov 7, 2018


Ella was only 6 when we took four weeks to tour France. I’ve got to say, now I look back at how tiny she was and how patient she was on this trip, I feel pretty in awe of this kid. It was 2. 5 weeks on the road, one week in Paris, 5 days in London, 4 days in Amsterdam. Layered with downtime. We found the right balance but we covered some miles.

Travel Tips

France was pretty cruisey to travel around by car. The roads are amazing and the freeways well signed.  I highly recommend France as a travel destination with kids if you are planning a European tour.  Its a large country, yet easy to get to from one end to the other with minimal fuss. We flew into Paris and then caught the fast train  from Paris Noord station on the Thalys straight into Amsterdam station.

Side trips

Train ticket costs vary but at the time we managed to book our tickets and pay around 78 euros each for an adult return ticket.  Kids under 12 tickets start from a single price of 15 euro. And children under four are free. So, there are around 12 trains daily and run every 2 hours or so. The trip is 3 hours from station to station.  So we just chose standard economy class.

You could move from 1st to 2nd class easily as there were no conductors checking our tickets so we sat up in first class for most of our ride. So not to be mistaken for Premium class, this is not first class, this area is not accessible for 1st and 2nd class ticket holders. If you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands then why not read my travel tips here.

Driving France

So we chose to hire a car for 3.5 weeks. Because the longer you hire a car for, the better  the rate and we did our homework! We booked  Don’t bother with a car in big cities. Its just not worth it as public transport systems are great and walking is must to see all the amazing buildings and main sites. Make sure you pack your kids Heely’s. If you have’nt yet heard of these gems you should get right on to it. Makes travelling fun and kids want whine as much about getting tired of walking. Buy them online or in store. Amazon sells a huge range of them.

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Mar 29, 2017

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