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You know we are much like you. We are a family inspired to travel the world, to see all the beauties and the sights, drink in culture and communities, exploring the wonders. We decided that we wanted to change the way we spend our time, this time, in this moment. Our life is already pretty amazing, yet we have an urge to get up and move, to see how others live, to share their stories.

Why We Love Travelling

We have, stepped out of the constant, the steady. The stability of our daily lives, the safety net of our home and our community to LIVE, BREATH, FEEL ,TOUCH, TASTE, SMELL and SEE  this vast globe and what it has to offer.

Travelling abroad, being away from creature comforts does have it challenges, but so to does living life. Our lives are full of mystery, the ups and the downs. We are going to see where this next adventure takes us. No preempting the future, just see where each day takes us on this very exciting journey. We already have spent a fair amount of time here and there over the years, we’ll comment on these travels as well! Sharing travel tips, pretty pics and reviews on experiences.

We three together, will explore and expand till our hearts burst. With you,  we will share this journey. We have a sense of adventure, a love of this life and this curiosity to see and be more alive than ever. To walk from town to city, sail from ocean to river and eat from table to table. Sleep from pillow to pillow….

Mum – Monique, Moni, Mon or Nique’ (I respond to pretty much anything really)

Yoga travel

Yes, that’s me with the funky knee’s in the jpeg. Taken at the stunning Solterreno Retreat Centre at Benimaurell, region of Valencia, Spain this year 2018.

I ‘m a self confessed movement junkie, I like to move my body, if I don’t I get a bit antsy. You will find me sitting as well, this is when I need to be still. The balance is important in order to be BALANCED, you need to tap into the Yin and the Yang lifestyle. A lover of yoga, all things yogi (I do, eat meat and I don’t have an Indian/Sanskrit Spirit name, this still means I qualify as a Yoga and Pilates teacher you know, I digress). I realize that during my many years on this big globe, that I have finally found a way to bring my three loves together. Yoga, travel and secretly writing (which not many of my nearest and dearest would know about, I love to write). This, my friends has been something I have been cultivating, brewing for quite sometime.

Where it all began

So, I must confess in my earlier, smooth skinned, Bo-ho years, I was a big traveller. Before I met the husband and had a child, I travelled pretty much all of the time. It was what I did. Which completely drove both my parents NUTS. They wanted me home as I was an ‘lonely’ child (yes I felt lonely, I wanted a sibling, ho hum, yes feel sorry for me). Once I could leave the family nest, which for me was very young at 16.  I travelled far and wide across this amazing Island Australia. My parents were shocked, no mortified.  I had saved $$$$$ of dollars whilst working part time at Wendy’s pouring soft serve  cones, till I could pour not another ONE! So I found my way up the top of Queensland (after 2 train trips, 2 buses and nearly 3 days travel, had I never heard of a bloody plane !! Doh, what was I thinking). Not to mention the smelly armpits. Phew weee. Anyway, I digress.

Queensland Shenanigans

Exploring the heart of Queensland, beautiful tropics, lush islands, such as Lizard Island and Great Keppel, Quorn Island. A tiny little lump off the coast of Yepoon. This being my first ever big trip away from Adelaide my hometown. Golly gosh, my heart did I love every second of the freedom and the flight! I was hooked, line and sinker. Mum and Dad sorry, there was no chance of getting me to settle back home.

So consequently, from there, my big wide baby blues grew from curious to committed. I travelled to other idyllic shores, Hamilton island in the beautiful Witsunday’s northern Queensland, Dunk Island, South Mole, Witsunday’s islands as I tripped around with a boyfriend on a yacht, not having a clue how to sail. We snorkelled the green blue sea’s saw mighty Mantaray’s, prickly starfish, tropical fish, tiger sharks.

Bright lights, big smoke

Then, I moved to Sydney the city of lights, brights, big knobs, big jobs. At 18 what a buzz. This city is a favorite of mine, I cant tell you how much I have loved living in this big smoke. Always in God’s country, known as the ‘Shire’, Cronulla the land of the surfer dudes, models, Puberty Blues (if you haven’t seen this movie, its pretty old check it out, its a classic). A place where I finally grew up, it taught me some life lessons which I will be forever grateful for. I met some life long friends who I call my greatest friends.

Red Dirt of the Northern Territory

Although, the city life tamed my wild hearts desire to travel for a few years, I decided that I was getting antsy again and had the crazy idea to move to the centre of the earth,  for some sun and sand, dust and dirt. The great desert, Alice Springs. I had completed my Travel Diploma in Sydney ready and armed to become a travel agent ( but of course my love) and hit the Alice, Northern Territory with great gusto.

Again, my parents were mortified! So, off I went in a cloud of smoke from the big bang to the dirty and dusty and what a ride that was. 3.5 years later, I picked up and suntan, a husband (to be), 3 years experience in the travel industry and many more ticks off my bucket list. Ayers Rock, The Olgas, Darwin, Katherine gorge and the big ones, Litchfield Park and Kakadu to name a few.

Quite frankly I could ramble on here for hours, but I best leave some room to introduce the other family yes? We’ll get to more of our travels as we sit and tap. I have time, oodles of time to fill this website with tales of glory.

Husband – Lev as I call him but his birth name is Michael

So, lets get this straight, right off the bat, I did mention a husband to be, earlier on, this was not he. My first love was a pilot, hence why I had the blessings to travel (very cheaply I might add) in my 20’s. So we did, everywhere! So yeah I ditched him (sorry J, we are still friends) and ditched the cheap flights (ouch) and met the other husband. Lev. You may see him feature from time to time during our world travels. Because, he doesn’t mind being in front of the camera, neither does Ella, rather them than me. You can visit our You Tube channel to see more of us live. (watch this space, we’l get this up and running soon).

So, Lev, is a converted homey to a avid traveller. Lev loves a chat, he is rather ‘loud’ and you can hear him coming up the drive way. This serves us well in Europe as the Italians and the Greeks think he is one of them. Perfect. We fit in. Lev is animated as well, talks a lot with his hands. So together,  we continue to travel and explore  yonder, after 17 years. We love it.

Family world travellers

Levs travels

PS we have only one child in case you are confused. The one Lev is holding shall remain unnamed for privacy. The one next to him is Ella, our crazy kid.

I like that word yonder do you? So, anyway I digress. I do that a lot. We have some glorious tales to share with you about USA, Thailand, Bali, Europe, Australia destinations. I’ll be sharing them here. Lev’s (short for Leverington just so you know his parents were not unkind)

His first stint of serious adult travel took him to the sunny climes of Queensland. Must be an Adelaide thing. Where he and his mates adorned their shiny white butts and bodies on the golden sands of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise. No, none of them can surf at all. They had so much fun lying about in the sun that Lev’s sunning cost him great big whopping sun burnt blisters on the soles of his smelly feet (yes they have been known to pong on the odd occasion). Painful. Lev limped his way on crutches around Surfer Dude sands during his first big Aussie trip. Many more stories like this where that comes from. Cant wait to share.

Then there is Miss Ella Grace

Seriously, this child does put up with us nomadic parents. But to be fair, we have been reasonably settled for most of her life, only taking her on travels overseas every 12-18 months. Not to traumatic, I’m sure. She can still remember her trip to Paris and the lift up to the very top of the magnificent building the Eiffel Tower as the lights  were switched on. The whole contraption lit up like a christmas tree as we ascended up towards the heavens at dusk (which was around 9:30pm from memory in June).

Bali travel

Kids in Bali

Travels with Ella

This was after a very long day of firstly having visited Paris Disneyland. Then the trek to the Eiffel Tower. So, by the time we had well and truly had our fill of oggling the whole of Paris from the tip top of the Eiffel tower, it was nearly midnight by the time we made it back down to earth.

And we’ve taken her to Greece, the Greek Islands, Santorini, Paros, France, Amsterdam, UK, Ireland, Thailand, Italy, Nice, Vanuatu and numerous visits to other cities in Australia. This girl knows how to pack for the Freedom Shuttle now. Secretly, Ella has been known to brag about her passport stamps to her school friends. Travelling with kids is so cool.

Moments like these Ella will remember. She is a Bali girl at heart. Loves the simplicity of the lifestyle, heat, people, shopping (seriously, more than I do). We have made it to Bali a number of times over the years. Because, I have offered yoga retreats we have also stayed at some awesome places. Off the beaten track! Ella’s favorite resort was Gaia Oasis .

Bali High

Bali travel

Gaia is located in Tejakula, in the northern part of Bali, off the beaten track of mainstream tourism. Its the perfect location for those wanting to be nestled in a green sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist belt, but still desiring to be within distance of many interesting sights in Bali. Far north, lush rainforests, black and silver sands, steamy waterfalls. I don’t know why people miss this part of the Island. Its rather spectacular. Gaia is a modest and traditional resort, amazing food, the friendliest locals and all set on the stunning coast. Sunsets are to die for. Check out this. Honestly, no filters here. Ella’s loved it here. We stayed for 10 nights. It became our home.

Another amazing surf side retreat centre we love is Komune Resort its on the Eastern board of the Island not too far from Sanur, Ubud and around 45 minute taxi ride to Seminyak and Canggu. A 4 star hotel with all facilities for the family, standard rooms to super Deluxe with stunning views over looking the Keramas Beach. We highly recommend getting here with you kids. Its perfect getaway with loads to do for both big grown ups and little ones.

Have kids will travel 

Ella  is always included in all our activities/travels, yes even riding like the scooter in Bali, Greek Islands with us, like the Balinese do 3 on a scooter. Carefully, mindfully. She is a vivacious and happy girl or for the most part. Quite kooky at heart but always willing to get involved and enjoy the ride. We really encourage you to travel far and wide with your kids. You may like to read more here. 

Plan but leave some things up in the air

You’ll get to know more about who we are when you subscribe to our latest posts to journey with us far and away from city to city and coast to coast. We hope that you share your stories with us and travel tips too! Don’t forget to leave comments in our blogs if you have any questions or feedback. Cheers ! Remember most importantly to have fun, plan but don’t get too bogged down in planning every detail. Have some adventures when you leave out the planning, these are the times we have had the most fun.

We use Omio, HomeAway

To help you with your holiday bookings we like to recommend using Omio! An amazing international booking site. It is totally amazing, giving you costs for plane, train and buses in the same search from A to B. It is easy to use and so efficient. Saves a lot of your time if you want to do some of the planning yourself rather than booking everything through a travel agent which can get expensive. And it is another fun thing to do with your family to plan together. Get the kids involved. We will continue to post tips and tricks to booking your travels throughout and on our blog posts. We also like to use HomeAway for house rentals when we are having a break from House Sitting and Vanlife! You can find some great deals on their site here. Ciao for now!

Kids travel


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